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The best trading bot for Binance TradingStar

TradingStar is a full automation of cryptocurrency trading on the Binance exchange. Trading strategies are completely free.
TradingStar is a locally installed software for automated trading on one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges Binance.
It runs on Windows and Linux.
You choose the coins to trade automatically. TradingStar will monitor the market and trade. Take advantage of every opportunity daily and nightly and night. 

Choose one or more ready-made trading strategies (or add your own), set your trading conditions. You decide, TradingStar performs.
This is a platform for automated trading on BinanceSpot and BinanceFutures exchanges. We provide you a system for deploying bots with regular updates and constant support.
The development team listens to customer feedback and incorporates the best ideas from users into the development map
Bot for Binance
All the best crypto bots were analyzed during the development of the system. TradingStar developers considered both best trading bots for binance and bots for scalping. There is no need to work with revenuebot, 3commas or moonbot anymore when there is one system that absorbed all the best. TradingStar is rightfully striving to become the best bot for Binance

TradingStar system features

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Program Features
The program allows you to steadily earn starting from 0.5% per day in semipassive mode, periodically controlling trades.
All actions are performed only on your computer and we don't store any of your data.
The API secret key is written only locally on your system.
The free version of TradingStar allows you to trade in the Long Spot market without any restrictions, and the full version has very loyal prices.
TradingStar uses advanced technologies and experience in building modern multithreaded information technologies for scalable systems.
During the development of the system we reached the perfect indicators of fault tolerance and automatic balancing of the program for independent work.
Friendly interface provides the user with the most convenient interaction with the program that does not require special training.
A proprietary evaluation system for crypto coins.
The list of coins when working with the trading bot on Binance is of paramount importance. It is important to make sure that when choosing a trading strategy, the coin with which the automated bot works behaves predictably. Our studio constantly monitors the behavior of coins on the cryptocurrency market and forms lists for automated trading.

Individual training

Simultaneously with the development of the TradingStar system, the team actively supports a training and development school for trainees.
Everyone can apply and receive a comprehensive individual training from proven mentors. The training program includes all aspects of the program, algorithms of building trading bots, as well as the ideology of behavior on the exchange.

Configurations in the set.

Simultaneously with the development of the TradingStar system, the team is actively developing bot configurations for the system.
Every buyer gets free access to all configurations of the project. Profitable configurations are developed by the authors of the project, as well as by everyone who wants to create profitable trading configurations for bots.

Our advantages

Flexible filters
  • RSI
  • MacD
  • StochRSI
  • EMA
  • SAR
  • MA
  • Price change on the trading pair. (period in %)
The filters can be flexibly adjusted and interleaved in any sequence, applied to both grids and orders. There is strong mathematics for entering a trade in search of the bottom entry point as an example: RSI<RSI<RSI (and the percentage of deviation of the leverage.)
Flexible order grid
  • Classic order grids
  • Manual grids
You can place a classic grid of orders, say 10 orders and 5% martingale, as well as any grid you want, up to specifying a particular order.
You will also be given a lot of ready strategies where you can either gain experience and try your own, or just use them.
Additional profit from flexible TP order
  • Trailing Stop
  • Squeeze Order
Special attention in the program is focused on generating additional income over and above what was laid down by the author. The Trailing Stop allows you to rearrange the Take Profit order to find the highest point, and the Squeeze Order catches candles over and above the TP order.
Various OS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOc (planned)
At the same time with the purchase of the program instructions for setting up a VDS server to make the program work 24/7 are provided, as well as a list of recommended servers. A normal user can rent a server for $5 a month.
These are real reviews from our customers, they are present in our chat room and are ready to confirm their words.
Thank you for the clear explanation and training on using TradingStar.
Seventeen days - flight is normal.
So far I trade on low-risk bots, but even in case of a 15% drawdown, the averaging and getting back into the bot trades is excellent.
I`m very satisfied, lets see more!)
Anton Denga
Bot is quite complicated after switching from another platform, but I am very pleased with the large selection of configurations and very fast support from developers. The choice is quite large, but in the chat will always tell you what to look for.
Alexandra L
Program for automated trading on Binance crypto exchange, great number of settings for flexible market approach, possibility to control from any device via dedicated servers, stable and reliable earnings with cool calculations and calm approach to market.
Ivan Starodubtsev.
I am not even half acquainted with the tools of the program, but I am already working on profit.
I understand the potential.
Mikhail Tvorogov


Free version.
A fully working version of TradingStar.
It differs from the working full version only by three limitations:
✅ Only Spot trading is possible.
✅ Only Long trading is possible

✅ Only 1 pair can be traded

What is included in the training
✅ General principles of TradingStar.
✅ Key differences in the algorithm compared to Revenue bots.
✅ Downloading and uploading configurations.
✅ Basic program settings (leverage, grid of orders, profit section, auto-indicators, cycle-indicators).
✅ Creating a custom grid of orders.
✅ Putting ready-made configuration into operation.
✅ Answers to questions.
The benefits of purchasing TradingStar and training at the same time.
Все пункты из предыдущего пункта Обучение а также:
✅ You don't waste time learning the product on your own.
✅ You choose the right configurations to start working with - with the help of a tutor.
✅ 70% of TradingStar customers who take the product come back for more quality knowledge, but at this stage it is more expensive.


Fully Working Version

Only Spot

Only in Long

Only 1 pair

Only run.




Full version of TraidingStar for current month only. 

No restrictions. 

Pay monthly.



Individual Training

Individual Strategy

Full Version of TraidingStar for Course



Full Version Forever

No Restrictions

Individual Training and your work setup.



You are downloading a fully working version of the program As long as your copy is not activated the program works in mode: 1 pair, Long only, Spot only.

Buy TradingStar

Buy TradingStar
1. Before you buy it, it is recommended to read the program and decide if you need training or if you can figure it out on your own. If you're not sure about something, you can contact us by chatting on the website or by sending us a message @itvol1.
2. The administrator of the studio sends you a link to the payment, where you can choose a convenient way to pay. Payment goes only through Binance.
3. After the payment the administrator:
  • Sends you instructions.
  • Includes accesses for you to the full functionality of the program.
  • Invites you to the TradingStar Buyers Telegram Talkgroup, also known as the TradingStar Support Chat.
  • Invites you to the TradingStar configurations development telegram communication group.
  • Optionally a trainer will be arranged for you.
If you're not sure about something, you can always ask for a week of test work in the program.
Warranty, post-warranty service.
  • In the case of problems with the work of the program development team is obliged to immediately begin work to eliminate the causes of failure.
  • The best way to report a failure is to write to the technical support chat, to understand – is this your local failure or bigger.
  • To date, there are no failures, but what happens is the wrong settings by the users themselves. Most of the emerging issues are resolved in the support chat, where the more experienced customers (old-timers) themselves advise the newcomers how to configure the program the best way.