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 The list of coins when working with the trading bot on Binance is of primary importance. It is important that when choosing a trading strategy, the coin which will be trade by the automated bot behaves predictably. Our studio constantly monitors the behaviour of coins on the cryptocurrency market and forms lists for automated trading.
  • Black Lists - are coins that are poorly predictable, "young" in the market, prone to pump and dump schemes.
  • White list - these are coins that are well-established and we recommend them for using by the trading bot on Binance.
  • Gray list - these are coins that are well volatile on the market, following the trend of the cryptocurrency market, but which must be treated with a high level of attention.

Coins list is regularly updated and if you work with automated switch of trading pairs, we recommend to follow changes in the list of coins on our site.

Installation instructions:
  • To install the coin list in TradingStar, go to Main and paste the list into the appropriate field and click Apply.
   This procedure should be done with all bots.
  • To install the coin list in RevenueBot, do the following:
1.        Install the RevenueBot Helper extension from the Chrome browser marketplace.
2.        Go to Tools - Volatility Analyzer - Coin Lists in RevenueBot.
3.        Paste the list into the appropriate field and click Insert List, then Update.
Regularly update coin lists from our website.